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No matter the industry, ensuring your business has effective cleaning supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is more important than ever to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. Many sectors now require employees, visitors and customers to wear PPE including face coverings, shields and safety visors. Combined with other hygiene measures, wearing gear such as these protects the wearer from coming into contact with infectious droplets and airborne bacteria. The World Health Organization stress that wearing a face mask to be one of the most effective ways to reduce cross contamination of bacteria and viruses in public spaces. Without proper face coverings, the chances of infection spreading can significantly increase across any organisation, putting all who come and go at a high risk of contracting harmful germs including viruses such as Covid-19.

Whether it’s disposable face masks suitable for hospitality and retail settings to safety visors for healthcare, manufacturing and beauty businesses, by ensuring your business is fully equipped with the right health and safety supplies you can guarantee customers, employees and visitors feel confident and safe when using or working in your facilities.  With over 45 years’ experience in supplying reliable safety supplies globally, Citron Hygiene recognise the importance of buying effective products that work to keep everyone safe.

Ensure Safety in Your Workplace with Citron Hygiene

In addition to our range of face coverings, Citron Hygiene can also supply your business with other PPE equipment including disposable nitrile gloves,  face masks and PPE safety visors, available at wholesale prices and quantities with various options to suit your business’ requirements. By buying in bulk, you can ensure that your business not only saves money but never goes without the essential supplies. Free UK Delivery is available on all orders over £75.

Keep your business a hygienic and safe space to be by relying on Citron Hygiene for quality products & supplies. To find out more about the PPE safety products your business needs, get in touch with our expert team for advice.



* on all orders over £75.00