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PPE - Suppliers of Safety Equipment, Protective Wear & Supplies

Personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE, is vitally important in protecting you and your employees against health and safety risks, especially now, during this global pandemic.

Citron Hygiene, as a well respected PPE supplier, not only in the UK but also around the globe, can provide you with the PPE safety gear and suitable sanitising cleaning supplies that you need, not only get back to work but also for the personal protection of janitorial staff that clean and make your work spaces a safe environment to work in.

Of course, personal safety gear is paramount, as it provides the last line of defence against injuries and infections. PPE supplies and personal safety equipment are critically important but generally it is only used where other measures are insufficient and therefore it plays a crucial role in preventing and reducing many occupational infections, injuries, illnesses and diseases.

Our range includes tried and tested disposable safety gloves, face masks and visors, hand sanitisers and social distance marker tape, all of which we supply into offices and industries, and all available for your to buy in bulk today and everyday.

With FREE delivery on all orders over £75, order your PPE safety gear and supplies online from Citron Hygiene UK today!